No ESC, no TSC, no ABS, no BS. There was a time when racecars were unwieldy, their performance limited only by the courage of their pilots behind the wheel. Spitting flames and crackling exhausts from supercharged, turbocharged, all wheel and rear wheel drive monsters – the Livery Delta reminds us of the best of Group B, a pinnacle era of uncompromising technical design and racing mastery.


Forged, 3-piece, Built to Order, 15”-19”

Custom. Any car, any offset, any bolt pattern, any centerbore.

Designed and Manufactured in the USA.


Uncompromising. Each and every Livery wheel is designed, manufactured, finished and assembled in the USA. All of our center designs are tested for strength, leaving material where it’s needed and removing it where it’s not. Each wheel center is machined from the finest 6061 forged aluminum.

Weight reduction is standard on Livery wheels. Pocketed hubs with threaded holes are all standard. Race wheels use hand spun, heat treated 6k series aluminum race halves for extra weight savings.

Custom built to order. Any car, any offset, any bolt pattern, any centerbore. Custom finishing available upon request.


Hard Gray


15″-19″. Prices start at $950 per wheel. Email for a quote.


Front or rear center mounting. Hidden hardware is standard.

Custom options include ARP stainless hardware, powder coated lips and barrels, polished centers, black or custom colored bolts. 18″ wheels available with small centers and double step up halves.

Exposed hardware option, scalloped bolt circles and rear mounted centers require the use of ARP hardware.