Livery is a project by Asim Prses and Larry Pipitone.

We are located in Chicago, IL and Brooklyn, NY.

Like many other car enthusiasts, this is a lifestyle for us. Driving isn’t just transportation, it’s time well spent. We’re consumed by the cars we own or have owned. The ones on our list and of course, the ones we may never own.

Racing liveries are great exercises in graphic design. They have the ability to alter not just the color, but the visual shape of the car. Its presence. Use the 908/3 as an example – two orange arrows filling your mirror would have been a terrifying sight at the Targa Florio, when all you wanted to do was focus on your line.

What does this have to do with wheels?

Livery is a project to build wheels harkening back to the simplistic beauty of pinnacle racers from the past; from a time when intimidating aesthetics were as important as technical innovation. Wheels are one of the most effective ways to change that appearance and curate your own Livery.